About us
After many years in the window and door industry (manufacturing and installing), Phil Warburton and Lee Rimmer formed Specialist Frame.
The business began 20 years ago in a very small farm building (30ft square with a 7ft high ceiling).  We designed and built our own profile bending system.  We set ourselves very high standards for quality, if a frame did not come up to our standards, the whole thing was cut up and started from scratch, a policy we still use today.
We fabricated specialist frames (hence the name) for local fabricators, and soon built up a reputation for quality second to none.  Then we moved on to fabricating standard frames and began our partnership with Rehau.
During our time in business we have built up a highly skilled and conscientious workforce.  We have been BSI registered for 10 years, as to provide constant high standards requires the right systems in place.
We are constantly seeking to improve our products and believe we are at the leading edge of the industry.  We value feedback from customers and are always willing to discuss individual requirements.


Phil Warburton
Lee Rimmer

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