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November 2010 - String Lines
Before despatch all Specialist Frame Bi-Fold door sets are fully assembled. The doors are checked to make sure that they open / close / slide and stack correctly. To replicate this performance on site it is vital that the frame is fitted straight, plumb and level. To assist the installer to fit the top and bottom of the frame straight Specialist Frame fit sting lines.
How the String Line Works:
The shortest distance between the two points is a straight line. The string is fixed tightly between two points at each end of the frame.  The tight strings follows the shortest distance between the two points, a straight line. 

Three gauge blocks of the same thickness are used.  A gauge block is placed under the line at each end.  This gives the line clearance. The third gauge block is used to check that the clearance along the length of the line is the same as the blocks.  When the clearance is the same the full length of the line the frame is straight.  The frame can then be fixed straight.  Using packers between the frame and brickwork to maintain its position.    

October 2010 - Sash Stop Fitted
Sash Stop - these are special spring loaded catches that hold the opened stack of doors in position.
August 2010 - Bi-Folding Doors Weather Tested

We recently had our Bi-Folding doors weather tested at the REHAU weather testing centre using our new lower intergrated aluminium track and cill system.

The doors recorded excellent results withstanding wind loadings of 800 pascals equivalent to a force 12 hurricane on the Beaufort Scale.

The results that were achieved for both Opening In and Opening Out Bi-Folding doors can be seen in the table below:

Air Permeability
Water Resistance
Wind Loading
Outward Opening
Class 2 (300Pa)
Class6 (250Pa)
Class3 (1200Pa) or 12+ on Beaufort Scale (Hurricane)
Inward Opening
Class3 (600Pa) Class9 (600Pa) Class2 (800Pa) or 12 on Beaufort Scale (Hurricane)

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Specialist Frame Bi-Fold Door in REHAU weather testing rig


May 2010 - Introduction of New Low 101mm Threshold
We are delighted to announce the launch of our new 101 low threshold track.  It is being offered as our new standard at no extra cost on our range of Opening IN and Opening OUT Bi-Folding doors.  The powder coated aluminium track with integrated thermal break is 46mm lower than previous and meets the demands of many consumers for a virtually seamless transition from inside to outside.  It is incorporated into the door cill and is available either in white or brown for installation with white or woodgrain door finishes.
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