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BiFolding Doors

BiFolding Doors from Specialist Frame boast superior design and can add style, elegance, versatility and value to any home whilst providing a high level of security.  The Bi-Folding doors are an excellent alternative to the traditional French Doors and Inline Patios. With more natural light available and easy access to the garden a home can be transformed instantly.
The BiFolding doors come in a choice of 7 different colours: White, Oak, Oak-on-White, Mahogany, Mahogany-on-White, Rosewood, and Rosewood-on-White, and are available in 2 - 7 door opening combinations.
Low Threshold
Our open out Bi-Folding doors are now fitted with a 90mm Low Threshold as standard .  The powder coated aluminium track with integrated thermal break is lower than previously and meets the demand for a virtually seamless transition from inside to outside.  It is incorporated into the door cill and is available in all colours.  
Advanced Performance
Bifold doors can open In or Out.  The doors are opened with a smooth sliding action provided by four wheel bogies with high precision ball bearing systems.  These features combined with a robust running rail provides the ultimate in smooth and silent opening.
Weather Tested
We recently had our Bi-Folding doors weather tested at the REHAU weather testing centre using our new lower intergrated aluminium track and cill system.  The doors recorded excellent results by withstanding wind loadings of 800 pascals equivalent to a force 12 hurricane on the Beaufort Scale.
Extra Peace of Mind
Security is provided through the outer frame and sashes being re-inforced with only genuine Rehau sections. This rigid steel skeleton inside the frames provides the strength required to withstand severe stress. Be this from hurricane force winds or attack from a would be intruder. In addition our Bi Fold doors are internally glazed for increased security.
Multi-point 'Maco' locking systems are used that are approved by the Master Locksmith associations and BBA.
Factory Assembled and Tested
All of our bifold doors are manufactured to the highest standards and proceed through numerous quality checks before dispatch.

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